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Endaglemmer on Tour - Raid Iceland July 2012


Once again Dan and Karen called us to follow them to Iceland - and of course some people did. They should not be sent on a journey unattended

In Raid 2008 (German only) the group was split up all over Iceland. Therefore the organization was done in a different way this time, to keep overview and create a holiday for one large group, not for a number of spread small grouplets.

We did this by planning a double journey:

  • one plan for the "Highlanders", who wanted to drive to the highland and are not scared by bad roads, 4x4-only signs and river crossings
  • an alternative plan for the "Tourists", who like more to stay close to the ringroad, visit towns and do not really want to drive where Mid-Europeens have problems recognizing something like a road.

Both groups should gather every few days on a common place to stay for a night, to keep the people together and also to allow people to change the groups.

The routes were mainly planned by Dan, Karen and me in Rötgesbüttel at the 2CV easter meeting. Some coordination was done using a small forum which had been established for this trip. This is the result:

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The plan was to do this trip clockwise around Iceland, in the previous raid in 2008 we did it the other way round. The black spots are parts for both groups, blue are for Highlanders only and green were meant as areas where only Tourists should hang around. Want to see it larger: click, this will open the picture in a separate window.

First of all: The double-planning was a good idea and we kept the plan except a few small changes.

This travel report is mainly from the Highlanders' view, as I have done nearly all of the Highlanders' route. This is the trip I did:

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Stop talking now, let's go...
As usual there is a short introduction of the participants. If you don't care for "who drove with which vehicle?" you can skip this and go directly to the start of the trip and the preparations.

Camping in Landmannalaugar