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Raid Iceland July 2012






From Blágil we drove back to the road 1, using the same road which we passed the day before. There is no other road, at least for us. Carsten + Anne took a dfferent way this day, there was one which they could use. They wanted to join us again on the next day in Landmannalaugar.

Not freshly graded

Once again we found a bad road signing which had to be corrected. We had done the entire road, so what...?

Fixing the flaw, obviously true

In Vik we stopped for lunch and used the opportunity for shopping. 2 days in the highlands had reduced our stocks... Some kilometers from Vik is Dyrhólaey. This is a cliff where lots of sea birds breed, the biggest group of them are puffins, in Iceland they are called lundi.

Puffins like living in groups

Only a few meters away - but not alarmed

They are good flyers but landing does not really look good

Dropped into the picture...

In the evening we arrived in Skogar camping, placed directly at Skogafoss. There I wanted to take a shower but my toilet bag had disappeared. I asked at the tourist info if it was possible to call Blágil camping to ask if something had been found. This was complicated, Blágil seems to be unknown so I had to point on the map where to find it. In Icelandic this sounds like Blaugch. In total it took about 1/2 hour to find a working phone number with someone who answered. Not spare toilet bag, grmpfff.

Watching Skogafoss from the campsite

In the shop they did not sell shower gel, so I had to borrow one to get rid of the dust. Later in the evening the toilet bag came out: the grey bag had hidden away under the tent which is the same grey...

Here we met again with our tourist group. Andre had picked up his wife Ulla and his son Zaki from the airport, Jean-Pierre now had his son Sylvain on board, so our raid group had now reached the final size.

While planning the trip we wanted to visit the Eyjafjallajökull eruption site which is close to Skogar, but the time was too short and it would have been complicated because the road is closed. So this had to be skipped...

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Camping in Landmannalaugar