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Raid Iceland July 2012










Laugar is located at the southern end of the west fjords. We continued on road 60 but then turned to Reykholar, someone had told us that there is a hot pool. There is probably one but we could not find it. But there is a petrol station so we filled up, who knows where the next station is...

Drivers meeting

Back on road 60 which is sometimes asphalt, but also lots of gravel following the fjords. Once again I had a shock absorber problem, another piston rod had screwed out of the steel ring. This was quick-fixed to prevent dropping and losing it, the real repair was delayed to the next campsite in the evening. This was at least the plan.

Wilfried's car after he met a road works truck

We had been told that close to the junction at Flökalundur there is a pool but it was not really visible anywhere. In the village there is a swimming pool where you have to pay an entrance fee. This was not what we intended... The owner of the swimming pool laughed when he saw us."my first car was a Dyane, and the pool is over there under the rocks..."

The pool at Flökalundur, view to the sea...

Afterwards Alex stopped suddenly, "I'm smelling smoke". In the Ami Super 2 CV where nobody knows how it works. We found a leaking tube, dropping oil onto the alternator. Maybe this was the reason, the leak was fixed with tape and we could go on driving. There was still a smell but "maybe it is the rest of the oil in the alternator".

No reason to leave the road

Alex changed his plans for the day, before he had intended to visit Latrabjarg. This is the westernmost point of Iceland and there are lots of birds breeding in the cliffs. And from there the distance to Greenland is less than 400km. Alex skipped this because of the smoke, I did the same for my shock absorbers... Stoßdämpfer...

Out here life is slower than in the more populated areas, not only for people but also for birds.

In Patreksfjörður Alex once again tried to find a hair dresser, he really got overgrown over time. We found a hairdresser but we had missed that this was Sunday. Go on growing, at least you try to get it cut...

No skinhead...

We met on the campsite in Talknafjörður, today there was another party. Nicolas and Martine invited us for a drink (and one more) to celebrate the Belgian national holiday. Dan did not know the national anthem of Belgium but Zaki could help him with notes from the internet.

Zaki carrying the note sheet

As a souvenir we all signed the door, the Iceland map was already there from the beginning of the tour.

The party was more important than repairing my shock absorbers, so this had to wait. Tomorrow's just another day...

Late in the evening Anne + Carsten came to the campsite. They wanted to spend the night somewhere else but the place was too bad. And they yearned for us. The Landcruiser's driver's door could not be opened. A wind had blown it open and damaged it. We managed to bend it so that the door could be used again and looked close to new. The ground plate had some loose bolts which we fixed with tape against "lost in nowhere". How did people survive in the past without having tape?

There was a strong wind during the night but all the tents were ok

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Camping in Landmannalaugar