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Raid Iceland July 2012








There is only one road to Kerlingarfjöll, so we would have to drive back the same mess again, at least the last part of it.

Kerlingarfjöll campsite

In the morning the weather was quite nice, the road still was full of puddles and ripples, and the cars were still covered in dirt from the day before. But before starting the car needed a bit preparation to be ready for driving:

some backsight...

...and some entertainment

On the way I stopped for a short break, there I found that I had lost a piece of my car. One of the headlight rings was missing. This is not really important but it looks strange without this piece and the water has an easy way to reach the electric plugs. So I removed the headlight which was a bit loose anyway and covered the plugs with tape.

Before the conversion

and afterwards

Oli's car also carried a lot of mud but he had not lost parts

In Hveravellir we stopped and took another bath. Why not, if you have reached this place... Some other people of our group had left Kerlingarfjöll later, they told funny stories about the weather: there was really heavy rain and the entire road was like the puddles. So they could not see the road and were driving in the water nearly all the time.

We took a break in Afangi cafe, this is the only house in a many kilometers circle. When we came in we were welcome with "We have heard about you". It was impossible for us to go somewhere incognito... But they sold delicious cake and hot chocolate.

After leaving the cafe we did not stay on the main road 35 but took the small F756 which was very convenient to drive. An agricultural way with a bit of sand and nearly no holes or stones. Something new...

Comfortable road

Handicap in the middle of the road

In Varmahlið we came back to civilization, which means a petrol station. Filling up here was 26 liters, that's not bad for a tank which can hold 25 liters. Varmahlið has 3 campsites in the village and around. So we needed another drivers meeting to find out where we wanted to go. We ended up in using the place in the village which was a good idea. Our entire group met again here. In the part where we placed our cars and tents there were already 2 Italian cyclists' tents. They looked a bit confused when we entered the area.

Dan + Karen wanted to drive a different route from Hveravellir, but there was a ford which was too deep (for the HYnimog!). So they had to drive back and then use the same road as the others

Varmahlið campground

Mud looks nice if you have good light

Here I fixed my headlight with aircraft locking wire (thanks Annie!). So I had both lights working again. The ring was not found but there are some more at home in a box...

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